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Buying a property can be a really exciting time, but with that comes crucial legal requirements that you need to get right. Edmonds Judd’s property experts will work closely with you and your agent to keep it simple and clear all the way.

There is a lot that goes into buying or selling a house, and without the right advice – a lot that could go wrong. With conditions due, KiwiSaver applications, loan documents, insurance and all that nitty gritty stuff in between, it can all get a bit overwhelming and sometimes confusing. The team at Edmonds Judd handle conveyancing with expertise and experience to advise you on all aspects of your purchase.

Becoming a home-owner brings all sorts of other considerations, such as whether to establish a Trust, preparing a Will and finding a lawyer you can rely on to handle the sale process.

With so much that needs to go plan with buying a house, partner with a law firm who will be alongside you every step of the way.

We always walk out of a meeting feeling sure we’ve got the information to make the right decisions

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Megan Priscott, Red Kitchen

They care about our community too. They’re giving back, so they get back

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Noldy Rust

We feel like we’re in safe hands with the whole team

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Donna and Paul Davies

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