Edmonds Judd

Employment and Dispute Resolution

When you need to navigate a difficult legal situation, whether it be at work, at home or on the road, contact our dedicate dispute resolution team who can assist in the following areas:

  • Relationship property disputes
  • Personal care and welfare applications to the Family Court
  • Employment issues and disputes
  • Civil disputes and debt recovery
  • Share milking and contract milking disputes
  • Lease and property disputes
  • Limited driver licence applications (work licences)

When you need to navigate a difficult legal situation, whether it be at work, at home or on the road, contact our dedicated dispute resolution team for advocacy and support to resolve your issue effectively.


Relationship property disputes

Relationship property issues are among the most stressful scenarios for all of those concerned. From preparing separation agreements or representation in court proceedings, to matters to be resolved around a company or trust property after a separation, Edmonds Judd team can help you understand your rights and obligations and work with you to a successful resolution.


Employment issues and disputes

Whether you are the employer or a member of staff, the Edmonds Judd team can offer advice and support to resolve workplace disputes when they reach the point where the only option is to seek legal advice. Performance or disciplinary issues, mediation or settlement negotiation are just a few of the areas where we can help support you.


Civil disputes and debt recovery

Disputes can arise and grow around many issues between individuals [or businesses], such as over contracts, between directors in a business or over all manner of civil or commercial matters where agreement cannot be reached. Through expert negotiation, mediation or arbitration, our focus is to resolve the dispute as quickly but effectively, to avoid prolonging the dispute or escalating costs.


Sharemilking and contract milking disputes

As a rurally-based firm in the heart of the Waikato, we’ve developed a strong understanding of the issues our rural landowners, staff and businesses face. Our team and support with rural leases, share-milking disputes and issues to be resolved around sales or purchases.


Lease and property disputes

Things can wrong when you are buying, selling or renting commercial property, such as title disputes, rent reviews or recovery or concerns of lease arrangements. Our experts can help you resolve the full range of lease and property dispute issues to protect your business.


Limited driver licence applications (work licences)

If you’re not currently able to hold a driving licence but need to for work or particular circumstances, due to a conviction or other restrictions in place, you may be able to apply for a Limited Licence or a Work Licence. The Edmonds Judd team can help advise if you may be eligible and represent you through the process.

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