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Residential and Commercial Property Law

Whether it is your dream home or a commercial investment property we can assist you with any property transaction including:

  • Residential sales and purchases – handled by our dedicated Residential Conveyancing Unit (RCU)
  • Subdivisions
  • Commercial sales, purchases and leases
  • Financing and refinancing

Whether you’ve found your dream home or are looking at commercial investment property, we can be there with you through all the legal requirements along the way.

Residential sales and purchases – handled by our dedicated Residential Conveyancing Unit (RCU)

Whether you’re buying or selling, it can be a daunting experience. There can be a few pitfalls along the way that our team is well-and-truly used to dealing with. We can help you through anything from a basic sale to the complications of cross leases, unit titles and the Kiwisaver application process for first-time buyers.


There are many facets to the subdivision that need sound legal management, from setting up a legal entity and documentation for new titles to resource consents and sale agreements. Our experienced team can manage the process smoothly, as well as liaising with other parties like your accountant and surveyor as the project progresses.

Commercial sales, purchases and leases

Due diligence is essential for any commercial property investment, along with good legal project management and advice. Our property law experts become part of your essential team, working alongside people such as your building consultants, valuers and engineers to make sure everything goes to plan.

Financing and refinancing

Making changes to the way your financing is managed can be a delicate process, dealing with multiple parties and sometimes in difficult circumstances. Our highly experienced team can oversee the legal aspects of the process efficiently and clearly throughout.

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