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Loxo Cladding

Loxo Cladding was founded in 2009 by Chris Rowe and Marcus Stufkens. Both are passionate about AAC panel and are focused on making sure that Loxo Cladding is known for its quality of materials and workmanship.

Chris Rowe

Chris Rowe is a Licensed Building Practitioner and has been the guru within the AAC panel and block industry since 1990. Chris brings a vast technical knowledge and heads our technical enquiry team.

Marcus Stufkens

Marcus Stufkens is an Architect and is focused on the growth and marketing of Loxo Cladding. Also because of his background he exemplifies good quality standards and practices.

Chris and Marcus were dissatisfied with some of the rival competitors systems and quality controls, this is the reason Loxo Cladding was formed picking up on the competitions mistakes and offering the client/customer a high quality finish and service.

Wattyl Granosite is our coatings partner and look after the integral exterior plaster component of our system. This relationship is a major marketing tool that adds confidence to our clients hence our experienced partner.




Building a new home is a massive undertaking, and often by far the biggest and most emotionally involved purchase most of us will ever make. At Loxo Claddings Systems NZ Limited, we understand that solid and dependable products are required to give these undertakings longevity and value. The exterior of your home is one of the most important measures of quality, and at Loxo we strive to produce high-quality exterior cladding products that enhance the standard of external cladding. Our focus on providing durable, robust, and aesthetically appealing exterior cladding system that allows your home to excel and ensures the long-term quality and value of your investment.

Our Products

We stand by our products and believe that their quality speaks for itself. Our mission is to ensure peace of mind and value to home owners and builders by providing quality products that perform far beyond expectations and provide the solutions that our customers are looking for backed by our exclusive warranties. Loxo Panels are CODEMARK CertMark Certified.

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Our Knowledge

New Zealand buildings are unique in the diverse range of weather conditions and environments they face. As a New Zealand-based company, we have a clear understanding of the demands of building in New Zealand, and we are committed to providing the best solutions for external cladding of buildings today, and those of tomorrow. Loxo Cladding strive to adhere to the quality standards as set by ISO 9001.

Loxo Cladding have strict quality control systems set in place for the owners piece of mine.  Loxo panels can only be installed and coated by licensed Loxo Installers and licensed Wattyl Granosite Applicators.