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Bringing children into the world or becoming responsible for a child through a blended family or adoption brings greater responsibilities, including the responsibility to make long-term provision for their future. The team at Edmonds Judd can help you in protecting your assets and making your wishes clear.

Planning for your children’s long-term future, now is the time to get your Will in order, to consider guardianship and make sure their financial security is looked after. It is doubly important for families with children with disabilities to plan for the distribution of their estate since many of the services the child will depend on as an adult can be impacted by the financial assets left to him or her.

In the event of a relationship breakdown it may be necessary to negotiate the care of your children with your ex-partner. The team at Edmonds Judd can help you with this in a caring and sensitive way.

From baby steps and all through your family’s future, partner with the law firm who will be alongside you every step of the way.

We always walk out of a meeting feeling sure we’ve got the information to make the right decisions

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Megan Priscott, Red Kitchen

They care about our community too. They’re giving back, so they get back

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We feel like we’re in safe hands with the whole team

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