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Protecting your assets and looking after your family is important, in good times and in the not so good times. Edmonds Judd will guide you with sensitivity and understanding.

Amongst the excitement of planning your life together, there are things you shouldn’t ignore. This is the time to consider a Trust, preparing your Will or even considering protecting your assets with a Contracting Out Agreement or as you may know it a “pre-nup” or a “pre-nuptial agreement”.
The relationship property umbrella encompasses two different concepts:

  • Protecting property at the beginning of a relationship; and
  • Dividing property upon separation.

When you are living together in a relationship your property rights can be affected. A ‘contracting out agreement’ can protect your separate property from becoming relationship property or agree how relationship property is to be divided on separation.

Separation can already be a difficult time for couples emotionally and then adding the complication of division of assets can become quite daunting. The team at Edmonds Judd can help you negotiate the cost effective resolution of your relationship property rights. Our skilled team can also help should it be necessary to go to Court or other issues need to be resolved such as childcare arrangements, child support, or family violence issues.

There is so much to think about when you’re in a relationship, so partner up with the law firm who will be alongside you on every step of your journey.

We always walk out of a meeting feeling sure we’ve got the information to make the right decisions

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