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Health Issues

Worrying about your family or your business is a stress you don’t need if you’re experiencing some health concerns. The Edmonds Judd team can cover all the legal aspects of helping protect your loved ones and your business in the future.

Having a Will and Enduring Powers of Attorney in place are a couple of things that can help when health issues arise. Making sure your legal affairs are in order before health issues arise and avoid the cost and confusion that can result.

Keeping an updated Will can help you provide for your family members and how you would like your assets dealt with when you pass away. It’s an easy process to make a Will and will give you peace of mind.

Enduring Powers of Attorney in relation to Property and Personal Care and Welfare can ensure decisions affectively for you and your family can be made by people you trust when you are unable to make those decisions yourself.

Whether it be managing a Will or Powers of Attorney, partner with a law firm who will be understanding and will help you prepare for difficult times.

We always walk out of a meeting feeling sure we’ve got the information to make the right decisions

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Megan Priscott, Red Kitchen

They care about our community too. They’re giving back, so they get back

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We feel like we’re in safe hands with the whole team

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