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Commercial and Company Law

Our lawyers understand the importance of your business and can assist you in all aspects of your business transaction, including:

  • Buying and selling a business
  • Structuring finance
  • Employment structures and relationships
  • Health and safety issues

Our lawyers understand the importance of your business, for you, your staff or your stakeholders, and can help you in all aspects of your business transaction, including:


Buying and selling a business

There’s a long list of areas where a business may need meticulous legal support, from initial due diligence, employment issues, leases, warranties or tax law. Edmonds Judd will quickly become an essential part of your business mentor network, working closely with your other advisors to protect your business.


Structuring finance

There are often many options for how you could structure your business assets, so its important to choose the path that will work best for you and your goals. Our experienced team can offer advice around securities and guarantees and will work alongside you, your accountant and your bank to focus on the needs of your business now and for the future.


Employment structures and relationships

Our HR legal team offers you so much more than purely drafting contracts. We become integral to your team and can help you, and your staff, with requirements such as developing HR policies or restructuring, to managing the legal process for any disputes that may arise.


Health and safety issues

For any business, understanding the legal implications that come with our Health and Safety regulations can be a real challenge. We can work with your team to establish internal policies and procedures to help stay compliant with the Act, as well as representing your interests in the event of a Worksafe investigation.

Commercial Law Team

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