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Your first steps into the workplace at your first job can be daunting. Whether you are starting out with a new employer or taking over the family farm, there can be complicated issues to deal with. The team at Edmonds Judd will make it easy.

You’ve just submitted the last report for your university degree, or the school bell has rung for the final time. Congratulations, your first job awaits you.

Looking for a job in the market with your newly printed certificate is tough and the competition can be wildly competitive. When you find that position that ticks your boxes, take a moment to consider your rights as an employee.

To make sure your contract is fair and that you have understood the finer details, talk to the law firm who will be alongside you on every step of your journey.

We always walk out of a meeting feeling sure we’ve got the information to make the right decisions

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Megan Priscott, Red Kitchen

They care about our community too. They’re giving back, so they get back

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Noldy Rust

We feel like we’re in safe hands with the whole team

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Donna and Paul Davies

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