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Changes to employment law

images (1)From 1 April 2011 a number of significant changes to employment law will come into effect.

The most important change (and the one that seems to be receiving little media attention) is the change to the ‘test of justification’ in respect of personal grievances. Presently, when an employee complains of being unjustifiably dismissed the Courts look at what the employer should have done in all the circumstances. The test is to be relaxed to become what could a reasonable employer have done. Provided the employer’s actions fall within the range of a what a reasonable employer could have done then no personal grievance can be upheld.

Other changes include the extension of the 90 day grievance free probationary period to all employers and the ability for employees to ask that their fourth week of annual leave is cashed up.

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Read the press release from the Minister of Labour below…

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